Your Call, 10.21

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 /by

Smallyourcall_5 Mornin' everyone. . . I've got to get cracking here on the Uncle Toni post, so this is just a brief note to start the thread enabling you to track today's action in tennis. Just as a follow-up to yesterday's red-meat post, I'll add that John McEnroe expressed some doubt about whether or not Rafael Nadal would take part in the Davis Cup final vs. Argentina, given the fully loaded schedule he's played this year. I was stunned to hear him say that, because I can't imagine Nadal not playing the Davis Cup final.

But it isn't like Mac was doubting Nadal's heart or intentions. Or, I should say, he was capable of seeing the issue either way, for he went on to say: "Nadal really likes playing for his country - he told me that in a  conversation we had a while ago. But I think he's going to really pay a price for playing (against Argentina). It's a tough assignment. The more I see (Juan Martin) del Potro the better I like him - he's developed that little bit of swagger a champion has, he's a more convincing player every day. But let's face it, indoors, on a fast surface, Nadal could easily lose one or even both matches, which would be a bummer for him at the end of the year. But he's a classy guy, who's willing to pay the price for his convictions."

-- Pete

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