Health updates: Clijsters, Jankovic, Dementieva

by: October 25, 2010

Kim Clijsters, sidelined since the U.S. Open after a foot operation: "It actually wasn't an injury that happened because of playing. I actually had a mole removed. We have random checkups during the season. I do it also at home. One of moles I had to remove when I went for a checkup with a dermatologist in Cincinnati.

"He wanted to have it removed straightaway. I was like, 'Whoa, I'm playing tomorrow. I have to play a game.' So I had one on the inside of my thigh removed and a mole underneath my right foot [after the U.S. Open], which, you know, wasn't going to take that long. The stitches were supposed to be in for ten days and all should have been fine. It got infected, so I had to take the stitches out before the wound was closed, so it took longer to heal by itself.

I still have a little bit of a cut. It's not bleeding or anything. It's closed, but there's a scab. It's good now. Doesn't hurt. I'm glad it's over with...I've been practicing physically, and tennis wise I've been working out for about three and a half weeks, three weeks now, I think, in total. So I was physically still doing a bunch of stuff, swimming, biking, things that I was allowed to do without putting too much pressure on my foot just to stay in shape."

Elena Dementieva, withdrew during Luxembourg with an ankle injury: "I had some ankle problems last week and took some days off and doing some physio, so it feels better... I was able to practice a couple days, feeling fine. So for sure I'm going to use tape support for the match, and hopefully it's going to be okay."

Jelena Jankovic, virus problems in Moscow: "I was able to make it [into Doha] despite all the injuries and health problems that I've had, especially in the second half of the season. So I'm just going with the mentality I just want to give my best here.

"To be honest, I'm not really playing my best tennis. I think anything can happen. I just want to try and fight hard. We'll see how things will go for me. It's the end of the year. Just one more week to go.

"I'm not in the form like maybe I was in the first half of the season. But that's due to a lot of injuries. I twisted my ankle and had back problems, so that also resulted in, you know, not good preparation, you know, not being able to practice as hard as I normally practice."

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