The Deuce Club, 7.29

by: Peter Bodo | July 29, 2011

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by Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

How’s it going, TWibe? Funny story from last night . . . I’m lounging at home and I get this message from one of my co-workers (who knows nothing about tennis): “OMG, watching True Hollywood Story on Anna Kournikova. Your man Pete is on it!” I’m not sure which part of the story I like best—that Pete’s ubiquitous!, that my co-worker recognized him from the tiny headshot here on the blog (which she only frequents to check out my posts), or that he’s apparently “my man.” :)

So, remember how last week I was so gung-ho about heading to Cincinnati? Now a number of conflicts have cropped up and I'm torn between staying or going. Anyone want to flip a coin for me and help me decide?

On to more important matters, like our All About Me TWiber profiles. Another great one this week, and it comes with a photo, too! (My queue is emptying quickly, so I’m putting out a call for more volunteers to take the quiz! E-mail me here if you’re interested.)

72911 Who am I?

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hair color: Blond

Crushes: As a teenager and young adult, I was crazy about Steve McQueen, Bjorn Borg and Paul Newman

Favorite films: Dr. Zhivago, Shawshank Redemption, Jaws, The Godfather, Silence of the Lambs, Blood Diamond, Ordinary People, Best in Show, Tootsie

Favorite book: Shogun, The Thorn Birds, Seabiscuit

Currently reading: Water for Elephants, Unbroken

Favorite TV shows (current & reruns): The Office, Seinfeld, Survivor, 24

Favorite musicians: The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Paul Simon, Allison Kraus & Union Station, The Eagles, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles

Favorite food: Italian

Pets: I have a beautiful, thoroughly entertaining and dysfunctional peach-faced lovebird.

Favorite sport: Duh!

Favorite vacation spot: North Shore Lake Tahoe

Best feeling in the world: Feeling safe enough to trust

Worst feeling in the world: Paranoid anxiety

Love at first sight: Oh, yeah!

Where do you want to live?: Big Sur

Worst fears: Ebola virus, nerve gas, killer bees

Do you believe in heaven and hell?: I choose to believe that I will meet my loved ones in some kind of afterlife. I do not believe in Hell.

Do you believe in aliens?: Sure

Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done: At a fancy New Years Eve party in 1979, I held up my glass and proposed this drunken toast: “Here’s to the ‘eff-ing’ seventies!” Then I proceeded to fall on my face.

What do you do that makes your friends mad?: I have a sarcastic sense of humor which sometimes crosses the line.

Bad habits: Pistachio nuts and Starbuck’s Caramel Frappuccinos

Hard liquor or beer?: Neither. I had to quit due to bad karaoke singing.

Love or lust?: Both, but love endures.

Favorite love song: “Unchained Melody” –Righteous Brothers, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”—Roberta Flack

Favorite break-up song: “Sixty Ways to Leave Your Lover”—Paul Simon

Favorite kinds of clothes: Winter jammies

Have you ever cried in public?: Yes (in Hallmark stores)

What do you hate: Cruel, small-minded people

What makes you angry: Rudeness

Who would you want to meet?: Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, Teddy Roosevelt

Most memorable experiences: Concerts: (1) The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl, L.A., 1965; (2) Neil Diamond, Greek Theatre, L.A., 1972; (3) Elton John at Dodger Stadium, L.A., 1975

Most prized possession: My imagination

Something you want to do before you die: Attend an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Personal quote: “The secret to having everything is believing you already have it.”          

If you could change one thing that happened in your life, what would it be?: I would have worn sunscreen and learned to speak another language fluently.

First time posting on TW: Late 2005 or early 2006

Favorite TW poster: ptenisnet (I miss him.) [JR: Don’t we all!]

Favorite TW moment: (1) Holiday Party 2008; (2) being here for the creation of the word “Wilanders”; (3) Pete’s genuine expression of delight when my 2007 Hamburg Masters poem was posted on the ESPN main page.

Most defining tennis watching moment: 2008 Wimbledon final (Nadal/Federer); 2009 Australian Open semifinal (Nadal/Verdasco)

Guess away, guys!

Feel free to call tonight's matches here . . . we've got some fun ones on the docket. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend.

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