Product Profile: Pacific Nexus

by: Richard Pagliaro | January 04, 2013

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MSRP: $239.95
Head Size: 118 sq. in.
Length: 27.75 in.
Weight: 8.6 oz.
Balance: 8 pts. HH
Beam Width: 25-27-26mm
String Pattern: 16 x 20
Swingweight: 301
Ideal Swing: Short
NTRP: 2.0 to 3.5

*Values represent strung frames.

Facts: The Pacific Nexus is a game-improvement frame in a super-sized package: Look no further than its humongous 118 sq. in. head. It's also .75 inches longer than standard racquet length.

The Nexus' thick beam, head-heavy balance, and philanthropic sweet spot can help a poke of a swing produce a far more powerful shot. This racquet is packed with Pacific’s latest technologies, including Basalt X, a proprietary technology that produces “refined” Basalt fibers to filter out unwanted vibrations. Comfort comes courtesy of an air dampening system installed in the shaft that “minimizes undesired vibrations,” according to the company.

Impressions: This is one of the lightest, longest, and most robust sticks we’ve seen in the past year. The super hero philosophy—“With great power comes great responsibility”—applies here: the racquet's ultra-light weight combined with its extreme head heaviness can make elevating the frame quickly for overheads a challenge for some players, so you'll want to hit all shots—serves, overheads, volleys and ground strokes—to gain a feel for the Nexus’ maneuverability.

The racquet really shines on off-center hits, delivering force where others produce flutter, and its feather weight and open string pattern can be conducive to spin production in the right hands. But mostly, the Nexus delivers awesome levels of power, which makes it suited for players with short swings seeking a boost, seniors who aren’t quite as quick or nimble around the court as they once were, and some beginners. If you’re looking for massive power from an oversized, extended-length, ultra-lightweight racquet, this X may mark the spot.

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