12 Days of PowerShares Series: Pat Cash Q&A

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You already know "The Twelve Days of Christmas"—so we're doing something a little different this year. Throughout December, we'll highlight 12 things about the 2014 PowerShares Series, a competitive tennis circuit featuring legendary icons and world-renowned champions beginning on February 5.

We recently spoke to Wimbledon champion Pat Cash, who will play the Australian Open senior event next month.

TENNIS.com: How do you train to prepare for the PowerShares Series? 

PAT CASH: I am always in training. I love to stay fit, but as tennis is such a tough sport on the body, I tend to play hard tennis only leading up to an event. I will be competing in Australia over the summer there, including the Australian Open.  

TENNIS.com: Among PowerShares Series players, who was your toughest opponent during your career and why? 

PAT CASH: All the players are legends of the sport and they were all so tough to play, as they all have different styles and tactics. I played Jimmy [Connors] a few times when I was young he was a hero of mine and I learned a lot. I played him when he was older as well and he was still incredibly competitive. John [McEnroe] was also a hero of mine and we have played many times—probably more on the legends tour—and we always have close matches. Ivan [Lendl] and I have played off in Grand Slam finals and semifinals. Some I have won some I haven't.

TENNIS.com: Who are you most looking forward to facing this season?

PAT CASH: They are all very different it, so will be a tough challenge no matter who I play.

TENNIS.com: Most bizarre moment you ever experienced on court? 

PAT CASH: I have seen plenty over the years; nothing more bizarre than some of McEnroe's ... shall we say, interpretations of the rules?

TENNIS.com: Your best serving tip for recreational players? 

PAT CASH: I give plenty of simple tips on my coaching App, but there are different things for different standards. I think it always wise to keep it simple and smooth, limit leg movement for a start—this will help with consistency. The more movements, the harder it is to get them all correct. Leave the complex stuff to the pros who play four or five hours a day every day.  

TENNIS.com: If you could have played any other sport professionally, what would you choose? 

PAT CASH: Probably Aussie rules football, which I follow closely. I do believe the players are the greatest all-around athletes in the world.

For more on the PowerShares Series, including ticket information, go to powersharesseries.com.

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