Verdasco confirms TIU investigation into his Wimbledon doubles match

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Fernando Verdasco and David Marrero lost their first-round match at Wimbledon. (Getty Images)

Fernando Verdasco has confirmed that his first-round doubles match at Wimbledon, played with partner David Marrero, is under investigation by the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

"I was interviewed by TIU regarding betting activity on my doubles match at Wimbledon," he said on Twitter. "I fully support the TIU work as I have always been totally committed to integrity and transparency in our sport and will never compromise that."

The Australian ABC network had previously said that bookmakers Pinnacle Sports had flagged a first-round contest as suspicious and notified the TIU, but had not named the players. A second "industry insider" also flagged the match with TIU, it said.

Suspicious betting can indicate potential match fixing, but can also be due to other factors such as player injury.

The integrity manager for Pinnacle told ABC that "a series of bets from accounts with a history of wagering on suspicious matches," and a surge in betting on Verdasco and Marrero's opponents an hour before the match, took them from underdogs to favorites.

Verdasco and Marrero fell in four sets.

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It is the second time a Grand Slam encounter involving Marrero has attracted suspicion. His first-round mixed doubles match at the 2016 Australian Open was also the subject of a TIU investigation.

Marrero was quoted by EFE as saying he had "no idea" about the allegations.

The TIU is not commenting specifically on the incident.

In another announcement, it said that Colombian doubles player Robert Farah has been fined $5,000 and suspended for three months for promoting a gambling website on his social media. The TIU said that Farah cooperated fully and removed the advertising when asked.

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