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On the tour with Irina Falconi: Reflecting on 2016, preparing for Oz

The 26-year-old discusses the past year, and what she hopes to accomplish in 2017. 

Jan 11, 2017
by Irina Falconi

Irina Falconi: Steffi Graf

Irina Falconi’s childhood hero remains her hero to this day.

Dec 02, 2015
by Irina Falconi

Aussie Open Player Perks

Gift bags, parties, kangaroos... Find out what it's like to be a player Down Under. 

Jan 27, 2015
by Irina Falconi

Irina Falconi's World TeamTennis Blog: Last Lobsta Tale

"I have you living life like you should, you said you never had it so good..." That's the song I'm going to finish the WTT season on. Because, I really have never had it so good. The season was th...

Aug 02, 2012
by Irina Falconi