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Wrongfully accosted, James Blake responds with thoughtful words

The American has followed in the footsteps of his idol, Arthur Ashe, with a new book.

Oct 26, 2017
by Van Sias

Officer who tackled James Blake sues for defamation

He says Blake painted him as an "out of control and corrupt officer".

Oct 02, 2017
by AP

James Blake testifies against cop for his mistaken arrest in NYC

Blake was slammed down and handcuffed outside of a Manhattan hotel. 

Sep 19, 2017
by AP

You don't have to look far to realize the many benefits of team tennis

With a partner by your side, doubles can be a healthier and more enjoyable experience. 

Jul 31, 2017
by Andrew Friedman

James Blake details inspiration behind 'Ways of Grace'

In his latest book, the Tennis Channel commentator looks to make a difference.

Jun 24, 2017
by Van Sias

James Blake agrees not to sue NYC in exchange for fellowship

Blake said in a statement that he wanted to thank the city of New York. 

Jun 21, 2017
by AP

Does the French Open feel different from other tournaments?

"You can create more on a clay court than on any other surface." 

May 25, 2017
by Andrew Friedman

Is the role of defense at the French Open—and on clay—overstated?

"With such long rallies, the challenge becomes knowing when to try and end a point." 

May 23, 2017
by Andrew Friedman