Tip: Stay Low, Play Better

by: Nick Bollettieri | November 01, 2010

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It’s one of the most-repeated bits of advice in the instructor’s lexicon: “Bend your knees.” But why? Here are four good reasons that it’s frequently dispensed.

(1) Bending your knees helps keep the strings aligned with the flight path of the ball longer, which increases your likelihood of making solid contact. This translates into more control and better placement of your shots.

(2) Preparing low allows you to hit with more power. Because force is generated with help from the ground, bending your knees places your body in better position to produce trunk, hip, and shoulder rotation.

(3) Keeping your body closer to the ground allows for better balance because your center of gravity is lower. Not only does this give you more control, it enables you to recover more efficiently.

(4) Finally, bending your knees helps you cover the court better because it puts your body in the optimum position to spring into action for the next ball.

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