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Master Every Stroke: Lob

Thursday, February 10, 2011 /by

It’s one thing to practice your lob, and another to practice it under the right circumstances. Katrina Adams tells her students to practice defensive lobs, like the one pictured above, on the run. This lob requires a neutral grip, preferably the Continental grip. It lets you lift the ball over your opponent, or simply buy some time when your opponent puts you in a bad position. “This shot can get you out of a lot of trouble,” Adams says. On very wide shots, it’s often necessary to hit this shot with an open stance, landing on the foot of your back leg, as shown above.

Quick Tips:

• On the defensive lob, it’s important to hit the ball with an open racquet face. You need control on this shot. Go for height and depth, and don’t worry about hitting a winner. You’re just trying to get back in the point.

• Adams has two tips for the forehand topspin lob, which is an offensive shot, rather than defensive. Don’t forget to accelerate your racquet, so you can create spin. And bend your knees. You need to get below the ball to hit it up and over your opponent.



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Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of TENNIS.


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