Court of Appeals: Up, Up—And Out?

by: Rebel Good | December 03, 2012

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Playing indoors, my partner hit a high lob. To our surprise, the other team did not play the ball, claiming the point because they said they saw and heard it hit the ceiling on our side of the net. Neither my partner nor I saw or heard it. Are they able to call this? They refused to replay the point.—Barbara Egoville, Downingtown, PA

They did call it, and their call stands. The Code, Item 5, is unequivocal: “A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the player’s side of the net.” And you never are entitled to replay a point simply because you disagree with your opponent’s call.

 Except where noted, answers are based on the ITF Rules of Tennis and USTA's The Code.

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