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Doubles Strategy, Part 1: Setter & Closer

Thursday, February 28, 2013 /by

Part 1: Setter & Closer
Part 2: Regular Formation & Poaching
Part 3: Australian Formation
Part 4: Poaching Using the Australian Formation
Part 5: The I Formation

As a player, Yann Auzoux has been a National Champion, a top 100 ITF junior player, an All-American Junior College and NCAA Div 1 player, and a Davis Cup player who has won over 60 national and international tournaments in his career. More recently Yann won the Talbert Cup, a tournament for top 35 and over players.  As a coach, Yann has taught all levels from beginners to pro players on the ATP and WTA circuits. His experience with all ages and all styles of play have made him one of the most sought after coaches in the Mid-Atlantic area. Learn more about Yann's lessons here.


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