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The Big Volley: Exercise No. 3, Medicine Ball Dribbles

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 /by

This week, we're focusing on exercises that will improve your volleys. Click here for Monday's exercise, Volley Lunge, as well as an introduction to our series. Click here for Tuesday's exercise, Lateral Monster Walk.

This exercise helps strengthen the whole upper extremity, providing stability to the wrist and shoulder. This exercise can help improve all areas of a player’s game, including volleys, overheads, serves and high groundstrokes.

Start: Stand inches away from a wall with your arm positioned in a 90/90 position (90 degrees at the shoulder and 90 degrees at the elbow). Position your shoulder blade downward (opposite of a shrug) and place a light medicine ball in your hand.

Movement: Using shoulder and small wrist movements, quickly dribble the ball off the wall while maintaining the appropriate shoulder and elbow position.

Perform 3-5 sets for 15-30 seconds


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