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The Big Volley: Exercise No. 5, Two-Ball Reaction

Friday, July 19, 2013 /by
Photography by Gorman Studio
Photography by Gorman Studio

This week, we're focusing on exercises that will improve your volleys. Click here for Monday's exercise, Volley Lunge, as well as an introduction to our series. Click here for Tuesday's exercise, Lateral Monster WalkClick here for Wednesday's exercise, Medicine Ball Dribbles. Click here for Thursday's exercise, Wrist Flexion & Extension.

As the name implies, this drill helps improve reaction ability, as well as hand/eye coordination and footwork.

Start: Stand about five feet from a partner who has two balls in hand. You should begin in a ready-position stance.

Movement: Your partner is going to alternately toss a ball in front and to the side of your body. You must react toward the ball by stepping as if you are volleying, and catch the ball in the air with one hand (left hand if stepping left, right hand if stepping right). When catching a ball, your body should be in a position that mimics a volley.

Finish: Once you have successfully caught a ball, gently toss it back to your partner, then recover and get ready to react to the next ball.

Perform 3-5 sets of 10-20 second intervals


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