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Dish of the Day: Murray’s Locally Raised Chicken Sandwich

Friday, August 30, 2013 /by
Photo by Andrew Friedman
Photo by Andrew Friedman

Day 5: Murray’s Locally Raised Chicken Sandwich
Where: Farm2Fork (Food Village)
Cost: $15.00

All things being relative, the healthiest option at the U.S. Open’s Food Village is Farm2Fork (an alliterative play on the used to death “farm to table”), where locally sourced ingredients are woven together in a roster of sports-fan appropriate fare. A fine example is the sandwich billed on the adjective-heavy menu board as “Murray’s Locally Raised Organic Chicken Sandwich.” The juicy white meat is augmented with tapenade (chopped olive spread) as well as tomatoes and lettuce—also billed as “local” in case you missed the concession’s mission elsewhere. It’s not a great sandwich—the whole wheat roll is a bit oversized for the chicken, stealing a bit of its spotlight—but it’s a sizeable, moist piece of chicken, treated right (which is to say, not pressed free of its juices or grilled to the point of incineration), and the lettuce and tomato could almost be billed as a salad in their own right.

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In addition to his duties as an editor at-large for TENNIS, Andrew Friedman writes about food, chefs, and the restaurant industry. He has written or co-written more than 25 chef-focused books and cookbooks and chronicles his travels in the culinary world on his website, Toqueland.


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