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Dish of the Day: Chicken Tikka Masala

Tuesday, September 03, 2013 /by
Photo by Andrew Friedman
Photo by Andrew Friedman

Day 9: Chicken Tikka Masala
Where: New Delhi Spice
Cost: $11

Longtime U.S. Open visitors will recall that New Delhi Spice began life as a little-known concession on the edge of the South Plaza near the old Heineken Red Star Café. It was a well-kept secret back then, where in-the-know attendees knew there'd be a relatively short line and dependable if unexceptional Indian food. If you needed to grab dinner in the ten minutes before a marquee match began, that place was your salvation.

In time, its popularity grew, and the team at Levy Restaurants—engaged in a constant rearrangement of the puzzle pieces that make up the foodservice program here—moved New Delhi Spice to the westernmost position at the Food Village. It's still got some of the shorter lines, with decent dishes such as the Chicken Tikka Masala—the slightly spicy chicken and vegetables dish pictured here. There are also vegetarian selections such as curried vegetables, chickpeas, and rice ($11), and sides such as samosas filled with spiced potatoes and peas ($7.50) and naan bread ($2.50).

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In addition to his duties as an editor at-large for TENNIS, Andrew Friedman writes about food, chefs, and the restaurant industry. He has written or co-written more than 25 chef-focused books and cookbooks and chronicles his travels in the culinary world on his website, Toqueland.


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