Stanislas Wawrinka, "Not Roger Federer" Discuss Day 4 Court Placements

by: Ed McGrogan | June 25, 2014

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A must-follow for tennis fans on Twitter is @PseudoFed, the parody account of Roger Federer (whose real handle is @rogerfederer). "Not Roger Federer" provides frequently funny tweets about, among other things, being "humble," his "staff" of minions, and experiences befitting a 17-time Grand Slam champion.

For example:


But it's not just weekend warriors that have taken to @PseudoFed, but actual tour professionals. Stan Wawrinka (@stanwawrinka) got in on the fun when he responded to one of "Roger's" tweets:


To which "Roger" responded:


The two saved their best exchange for last:


And wouldn't you know, real Roger did get placed on Centre Court, and Wawrinka will be on Court 1.

As @PseudoFed would say, #excited.

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