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From instruction to pro-game coverage and everything in between, The Tennis Media Company – including Tennis Magazine, Tennis.com and Baseline – is the premier provider of tennis content. Tapping deep into an affluent and passionate market of 30 million tennis enthusiasts, including more than 5 million extremely active players, we deliver an unparalleled audience of achievers and influencers.


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Tennis.com is the #1 global destination for fans and enthusiasts looking to stay on top of the game, providing 24-hour match coverage in addition to breaking news, live scores and in-depth commentary from the game’s most recognized and respected writers. Racquet reviews, instructional video and features on world-class travel destinations round out the ultimate tennis portal for the largest online community of fans and enthusiasts.


Tennis Magazine offers a comprehensive and authoritative look at one of the nation’s most popular sports and is the essential lifestyle guide for the game’s enthusiasts. Every issue speaks to the passion of a readership that not only enjoys watching the world’s top professionals, but also plays the game 100-plus times per year. Whether featuring instruction tips from the sport’s most renowned personalities or reviewing equipment and travel destinations, our content reflects the lifestyle of affluent, healthy, active readers through stylish photography, confident editorial and impeccable design.


Created for fans and enthusiasts who want to stay engaged and informed, Baseline is an edgy, fun and useful daily digest that consolidates on- and off-court tennis content. It delivers the latest news and gossip from the professional tour, as well as video instruction, fitness tips and gear reviews. Baseline can be read on any web-enabled device, including smartphones, tablets and computers.



TENNIS.com was awarded an "Online Excellence" award for the year long interactive feature Ready, Set, Goal in The Morning News Editors' Awards.

"Favorite Virtual Mixed-Doubles Partners - We love seeing the blog format used intelligently by big publishers: appropriately modeled after a magazine’s purpose rather than pelleted from the masthead. TENNIS has done it well with its male and  female versions of Ready, Set, Goal. Featuring two engaging amateur  tennis players, Joe in San Jose, Calif., and Kellie in Olathe, Kan., the blogs document their progress as each tries to reach a big goal in the course of a year, enlisting experts and readers to help them along. Fun reading when it’s raining and you can’t get to the courts yourself."


TENNIS.com was awarded the "Best Publishing Site" in the Ektron All-Star awards.

"At a time when many traditional publishers are struggling to create a compelling web offering, TENNIS Magazine's Tennis.com is exemplary. It has established a powerful online presence that truly complements its print magazine, with fresh articles, web photo galleries and live news feeds that keeps it ahead of other publishers."