In a year that dealt tennis observers a good many surprises, mavens such as Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer were missing for much of the season, inciting a certain parity in the fashion field. Even so, here are the carefully curated best of the best:

See No. 5 here.


For her part, Serena Williams descended on New York looking the portrait of a No. 1 star who supersedes the sport itself. She was (is) that, even if Angelique Kerber assumed her mantle upon seizing the title. Even so, with dramatic opera gloves, plum-colored panels, and pleated skirting full of flair, Serena's night-session attire stole the show.


The tennis court isn't a runway, and this designation is no consolation for Serena, It remains that perhaps the only thing not hurting on her at the US Open was her dress.

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