WATCH: Pusha T, Jimmy Butler & Rob Gronkowski check out US Open action, The Break.


This is it, the US Open, the most wonderful time of the year.

The final grand slam of the year is upon us, and it comes with a little of everything: from teen phenoms to 20-time champions; from underdogs to established favorites; from smash burgers to the Slam's signature Honey Deuce.

And for everyone lucky enough to be in the area, the atmosphere is all-consuming.

Whether a Grand Slam virgin or veteran, here’s a few tips to making the most of attending the final Grand Slam of the year.

1. Grounds Pass or Stadium Seat?

If you flirt with tennis from time to time, a grounds pass is more than enough to scratch that itch. You have full access everywhere outside Arthur Ashe, including general admission on Louis Armstrong Stadium and Grandstand and the practice courts, meaning you can participate in fan-friendly experiences all day long.

But if tennis is your ride or die, the Rafa to your Roger, then going all in is worth the splurge to ensure you don't miss the marquee Ashe matches. Courtside prices are only getting pricier, so getting front row seats to the match of the century might be out of budget, few can argue the experience isn't worth it.

That being said, even Loge or Promenade-level seating can be intriguing enough for tennis fanatics. There isn’t a seat in that stadium that won’t have you cheering along.


2. Celebrity Spotting

So you’ve seen a celeb's Instagram posts and you want to get in on the action. Whether you have a grounds pass or stadium seat, here’s what you should look out for.

Find the practice courts across from Arthur Ashe Stadium before the 7PM night session. Past the cordoned-off autograph line is a gated security entrance straight ahead. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s where the who's who of pop culture and politics will arrive.


Once you're settled onto Ashe and the matches have begun, the trick is to keep your eyes peeled for any suspiciously beautiful people, who are typically nestled in suites or the famed President's Box. They often get shoutouts during changeovers, giving you ample time to spot them.

3. Autograph Etiquette

Whether you're eager for a signature or a selfie, don't forget to wait until the end of the player's match or practice. Treat the end of a match with the same respect as you would when exiting the stadium and follow the crowd with a sharpie in hand or phone at the ready.

Players won't engage if their practice has just begun, so enjoy watching them play while you prepare for your long-awaited face time.

Most importantly—and this bears repeating—respect the young fans looking for moments with their heroes, and try not to corral or step over them. If for no other reason, players take notice and will most likely avoid you because of it.

4. Settling the Court 5 Debate

Not to name names (Holger Rune), but while some players may not love Court 5, it's perfect from the fan perspective.

It gives off open-arena vibes, there’s enough seating to get the crowds engaged, and there’s viewing points for adjacent matches on Courts 4 and 6.


Holger Rune falls to Roberto Carballes Baena on none other than Court 5 after complaining about his court assignment.

Holger Rune falls to Roberto Carballes Baena on none other than Court 5 after complaining about his court assignment.

Also, not to brag, but I've caught a couple Instagram-worthy sunsets from Court 5, which sits in the shadow of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Did I mention Court 5 comes free with a grounds pass? #chaching.


5. Get to Sippin'

Now that you've got your bearings, it's time to get your Deuce on.

There are quite a few Grey Goose stands around the grounds that supply the famed Honey Deuce, but for the most 'grammable experience, look for the four-sided serving banners across the food court and make sure to get the iconic melon balls on top.

Pro Tip: Hand-wash the souvenir cup so that it stays nice and shiny for years to come. Avoid the dishwasher at all costs, lest you lose its iconic design.

If you're not thinking pink, the Open offers other watering holes from Dobel tequila to the Aperol Spritz. On a hot day in Queens, you'll never go thirsty!

All in all, have the best time at the US Open. It’s an absolute blast and the tennis does not disappoint. Stick to these few tipsand try not to get kicked off site.