Other than the excitement raging on in the California desert last week, the music world had their own fair share of thrills when Adele released her latest track on Friday. It's the first time the Grammy winning artist has appeared on the music scene since 2015 and Serena Williams is absolutely loving it.

Serena recently shared her thoughts on the British singer's latest song, "Easy on Me" on Instagram. The 23-time Grand Slam winner is loving her latest hit song and she also took some time to watch the music video.

"Adele's new song is major; I love it and I actually watched the video, it was cool!," Serena told fans over Instagram.


Adele's effortless vocals on the track are not a result of a flawless spliced finished product, her excellent vocals jump out and it's because there's no manipulation. The song is an original demo, something only the 33-year-old singer can pull off.

There's also a certain athleticism to the song, and that's perhaps why Serena is a huge fan of it. The versus are calm and collected, the chorus resembles a fearless tennis player winding up to hit a passing shot with the match on the line. But Adele's shot goes in, and it's built up tension released.

Serena even admitted although she tuned into watch the music video, she found herself skipping through to hear the song.

"But I was so into wanting to hear the song that I fast forward it. I love Adele all right who doesn't love Adele?" she asked.

The world No. 41 continued to answer fan questions that ranged from her surprise meetup with Maria Sharapova to working out. She hasn't competed since Wimbledon and was forced to withdraw from the US Open due to a torn hamstring that wasn't fully recovered.