WATCH: Tomljanovic was evidently unable to find an open business center for her TC Live Desk spot, as Berrettini suggested.


One of the more uncomfortable moments from Break Point, the tennis-themed docuseries that dropped on Netflix last Friday, involved a tense exchange between then-couple Ajla Tomljanovic and Matteo Berrettini as the two discussed where the former could conduct a morning interview with Tennis Channel.

“I have to sleep,” insisted Berrettini of Tomljanovic’s 8:15AM call time. “You go downstairs and ask for a room.”

“I’m going to say on air that you kicked me out,” Tomljanovic jokes.

“But they’re going to agree with me,” Berrettini predicts. “I’m still in the Australian Open!”

Without Break Point to fill in the blanks, eagle-eyed tennis fans followed the plot thread to where Tomljanovic ultimately ended up last January: calling in from the bushes.

Tomljanovic, who was forced to withdraw from the Australian Open due to a lingering knee injury, was able to laugh off the screenshot once it appeared on social media.

“The fact that you found this,” she tweeted on Tuesday. “No need for a sad face, it’s pretty funny a year later.”

The three-time Grand Slam quarterfinalist and Vogue Australia covergirl was similarly zen about that time in her life ahead of the docuseries’ release, having split with Berrettini back in February.

“So much time has past that it feels like another life, even though it’s been just a year,” she said back in December. “I don’t predict too much drama because there really wasn’t. At the same time, I hope the episode shows the reality of the situation for what it was.”

As for Berrettini, he won’t have to worry about his sleep schedule for the next few weeks: the 2022 Australian Open semifinalist was ousted from the men’s draw in a dramatic five-set thriller against former world No. 1 Andy Murray in the first round.