While not as well-known for her collection of ink as Marketa Vondrousova might be, for example, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova has accumulated quite the collection of body art over the years. And in a new, candid social media video, the Russian is revealing where it all came from.

Some of the "crazy stuff" that adorns the 2021 Roland Garros finalist's body, she says, has been inspired by various interests and accomplishments, or has personal meaning.

On her right index finger, for example, she memorialized the "first thing she saw" off the plane in Tokyo ahead of the 2021 Olympics, where she and Andrey Rublev won a gold medal in mixed doubles. In keeping with that theme, a cherry blossom branch, known as "sakura" in Japan, coils around the thumb of her other hand.

Not all of Pavlyuchenkova's tattoos have a deep meaning, however. Other doodles reflect her self-described whimsical personality, which is on full display even in how she shared the video.


"Everybody's been asking me what's the meaning behind my tattoos," Pavlyuchenkova begins the video, only for her to close it by saying, "tbh [to be honest], no one actually asked me," as the caption.

The word "voilà!," inked on her arm near her wrist, pays homage to her former residence in France and her fluency in the language, while pinched fingers—the famous "Italian" hand gesture—have a home near her elbow.

But her favorite, she says, is a smiley face on the inside of her right wrist that "reminds [her] to smile," while some of the funniest imagery can be found on her feet.

Her left foot features both a dancing skeleton near her Achilles, and cartoonish avocado holding a wine glass on the top of her right foot because she "likes avocados ... and wine!"