WATCH: Novak Djokovic defeats Andrey Rublev in the 2022 ATP Finals round robin stage


UPDATE: Andrey Rublev confirmed his cappuccino order, but denied eating shrimp in combination, in a post-match interview with Tennis Channel's Prakash Amritraj: "I'm a normal person, I'm drinking cappuccino. But the things that they were writing there is on another level!"

Chicken and waffles, pineapples on pizza, and now… cappuccinos with a side of shrimp?

Some flavor combinations sound odd, but taste delicious. But others are just crimes that need to be called out.

Today’s offender is Andrey Rublev, world No. 7 and Nitto ATP Finals hopeful. The Russian took an L in his most recent match to Novak Djokovic, falling in straight sets against the former world No. 1 to drop to 1-1 in the Red Group—and then took another L when his horrifying lunch order was uncovered.

Turin’s La Stampa newspaper recently published an interview with Gianluca Bernardi, the manager of the restaurant within Il Circolo della Stampa Sporting—a sports complex that sits adjacent to the Pala Alpitour, the venue for the ATP Finals, and serves as a training base and restaurant for the players and their entourages during the tournament.

Rublev hit 50 match wins in 2022 when he defeated Daniil Medvedev to start Red Group action.

Rublev hit 50 match wins in 2022 when he defeated Daniil Medvedev to start Red Group action. 

Bernardi had plenty of tea to spill, from which player is the most “rigid” with his diet (that’s Djokovic, to no one’s surprise) to who is the most “gluttonous” (Rublev, who he said drinks “a lot of cappuccinos”). Sugar is a no for players, but on the menu for family, coaches and others—although curiously, alcohol is “practically banned” for all.

But most curious of all for Bernardi were Rublev's “surreal” eating habits: the manager recalled one incident where the 25-year-old from Moscow requested grilled shrimp for lunch by the pool when it was 8 degrees Celsius outside—that’s a chilly 46 F for our American readers—but continued drinking cappuccino:

‘I’m Russian, don’t worry,’ he told me, before stuffing himself with grilled shrimp accompanied by three cappuccinos.

While Bernardi blamed the food faux pas on a lack of Italians in the ATP Finals’ top eight, this does track with everything we know about Rublev’s diet. The Russian is a huge fan of fast food—especially McDonald’s—and his caffeine addiction is well-known and well-documented.

But there are some lines that you just shouldn’t cross, and sorry Rublev, but ordering cappuccino with shrimp is one of those.

The highly caffeinated No. 6 seed—who recently called for "peace, peace, peace" with a poignant camera lens message—will next face No. 2 Stefanos Tsitsipas on Friday for a win-and-you’re-in fight for the second Red Group semifinal berth.