The 2003 US Open champion Andy Roddick might not be vying for titles anymore, but he is still very much involved in the sport. Whether it be making his rounds on the Tennis Channel Live set via Zoom or hoping on Twitter to share interesting facts about the game.

During the US Open, he was shooting out tweets left and right and among one of them was a fascinating tidbit about the New York slam.

"Just one row of the shoes that have been left behind in the US Open locker room for the attendants from the players...One of the cool traditions that never gets talked about," he wrote on Twitter.


Everything from new pairs of Nikes to New Balance sneakers and even slides were spotted in the photo. Apparently that's just a small sample of size of all the kicks that were left behind for the major event's staff. With so many people contributing to a well-executed tournament, it's nice to see the players care by showing a small gesture of appreciation.

The 39-year-old kept the Tweets pouring in all weekend long, ending the US Open with a message of congratulations for Daniil Medvedev's victory over world No. 1, Novak Djokovic to grab hold of his first major title. He quickly switched gears to the MTV Music Awards which were also hosted in the Big Apple, and gave his brutally honest opinion on today's trending tunes.