A lot has changed on tour since Andy Roddick tossed his racquets for the last time in 2012, but the former world No. 1 continues to keep up with the game as an analyst. In between covering the action unfolding at the Miami Open, Roddick threw his racquet back into the proverbial ring on Friday to discuss the growing trend of unchecked ATP player anger.

Jenson Brooksby and Jordan Thompson were the latest to boil over at the Hard Rock Stadium, engaging in racquet and ball abuse that left ballpeople flinching. Compounded by Alexander Zverev’s attack on an umpire in Acapulco and Nick Kyrgios’s racquet launch in Indian Wells, Roddick aims to stem the epidemic of “throwing a racquet in the area of another human being, which rarely ends well” in a short video posted to social media.

“I’m going to save all the players a lot of drama and teach them how to throw a racquet without getting in trouble.”

Never known for a demure on-court attitude, the 2003 US Open champion noted that despite his outbursts, he recalled incurring only one point penalty from an umpire, meaning that, unlike Zverev or Brooksby, he was never in danger of a mid-match default.

Demonstrating a clean racquet throw that minimizes the chance of collateral damage, Roddick angles its face parallel to the ground—a classic move employed by many of the game’s greats.

“It doesn’t go anywhere. You’re not going to hit anyone and it’s going to land in a little circle of four feet.”

Check out the full video here.