WATCH: Kalinskaya managed to land a serve but not much else as rains picked up in Miami (IG/AnnaKalinskaya78).


I’ve heard of singing in the rain, but this is ridiculous!

Anna Kalinskaya posted an Instagram story of her attempt to practice on a stormy Miami tennis court in the midst of Hurricane Ian, landing a serve for good measure.

The storm was scheduled to make landfall in Florida on Thursday, but has already wreaked havoc on the ostensibly Free State, which has been subjected to multiple mandatory evacuation orders.

Based in Miami, Kalinskaya and former world No. 2 Aryna Sabalenka have avoided those measures, and Sabalenka has been equally keen to practice as the fall swing is set to begin.

Sabalenka, who is in contention to qualify for the WTA Finals in Fort Worth, Texas, posted her own Instagram stories on Wednesday as a blip in the weather allowed for a brief tennis respite.

But the US Open semifinalist later documented ominous winds that made continuing to play questionable at best.

Put it this way: if Sabalenka can figure out how to hit her high-octane groundstrokes through gale force winds, that first Grand Slam victory is all but guaranteed.