WATCH: Sabalenka showed marked improvement ahead of the US Open, where she reached the semifinals.


This ain’t a scene, it’s Aryna Sabalenka.

The former world No. 2 joined Fall Out Boy rock star Pete Wentz on court at the San Diego Open for a celebrity mixed doubles match against Wentz’s tennis coach Chris Crabb.

The Monday match raised funds for Rady Children’s Hospital.

“Just me and superstar @petwentz,” the US Open semifinalist wrote in a caption.

“Is it too early to make shirts for our doubles team?” Wentz replied.

Wentz opened up about his love for tennis in a GQ magazine feature last spring, hitting the practice court alongside fellow celebs Zach Braff and Steve Carrell.

“I’m not in movies, but I wanted to get to the level where, if I was in a movie and they were like, ‘We need you to play tennis,’ they wouldn't have to get a body double,” he said. “When I'm just rallying and hitting neutral balls out of a bucket, I feel super close to it. And then when I watch a video of myself playing, I feel astronomically far.

“But what I like about my level is, now I know what I did wrong when I do it wrong.”

Sabalenka is set to play her first singles match since reaching the final four in Flushing Meadows, and is the No. 3 seed in San Diego.