This wasn't Ashleigh Barty's first rodeo on Australian comedian Andy Lee's "Guess Whom" series. She's actually undefeated against Lee just like she is on the court in 2022. During her Australian Open campaign she sat down for her third battle with the fellow Aussie and it was nothing short of entertaining.

Barty was attempting to pick Lee's other half in his current comedy series and close friend, Hamish Blake while Lee attempted to guess one of the world's best selling music artists, Adele.

After a few successful rounds of removing potential picks from their respective boards, Lee pushed the barriers with a "tough question."

"Do you reckon is the vibe that the person has slept with more than 40 people?," he asked with a major grin on his face. Barty began to laugh before quickly shaking her head and saying no and with that Lee got to work. He put down The Rock, Jennifer Aniston, and then hesitated briefly when it came to Roger Federer.


"Roger?" Lee asked Barty.

"I'm staying out of this," Barty said with a laugh.

A smart move on the major champion's part because just moments later Lee ended his chances of winning by putting Adele's card down. Shortly after he decided to put Federer out of contention as well. After a couple more rounds of questioning, it was clear that the world No. 1 had the thing in the bag.

"I think it's time to take a punch. I'm going your best mate," she said.

Lee sat in absolute shock that Barty managed to guess him with a board jam-packed with big names. Barty remains undefeated with a solid 3-0 head-to-head record against Lee. She will look to keep up her winning ways on Saturday when she faces top-ranked American Danielle Collins. Not only is a first Australian Open title up for grabs, but if Barty manages to beat Collins she will become the first Aussie champ since 1978.