Same string, same tension.

That’s the common request for most recreational players when it comes time to restring their racquets. That is, of course, if they’re bothering to restring their racquets at all. String neglect is one of the cardinal sins of everyday players. They think if it’s not broken, why fix it, even if the playability is long past its best-by date.

But what if you had the opportunity to have your racquet strung like a tour player? A chance to experience the same quality string and installation that professionals enjoy. Best part is, it won’t cost you a dime.

That’s the purpose of the Yonex String Tour. The company is hosting 12 two-day events in cities across North America to string 1000+ racquets for recreational players free of charge. And it doesn’t matter if you use a Yonex—all frames are welcome. The goal is to get the word out about the importance of re-stringing, getting players more familiar with the performance of Yonex strings in the process.

Here’s how it works:

  • Yonex will have a booth and stringing area set-up on site.
  • A representative interviews you about your game and current string choice.
  • A string recommendation from the current Yonex lineup is selected and put into your frame.
  • Just for good measure, the racquet will be re-gripped as well.
A booth at a Yonex String Tour stop

A booth at a Yonex String Tour stop


Once your racquet is ready, a demo court will be available to test out your new string setup, and all of the new Yonex frames. If something suits you, a local retailer will be on-site for purchases.

So far, a pilot event was held in Los Angeles in June, with two subsequent stringing stops in Atlanta and Washington DC in July. Future venues this month include Raleigh (8/10-11), Cincinnati (8/15) and New York (8/27).

If you’re interested in finding out whether the Yonex String Tour will be coming to your area, check out the events page on the Yonex website for exact times and locations.