Former NFL long snapper Jon Dorenbos didn't know much about the game of tennis before starting his work as an Athlete Analyst, but he quickly picked it up. The Tennis Channel Analyst became an expert in no time, and was quickly enthralled in all of the non-stop action at this month's Roland Garros.

Dorenbos was itching for real sorrow, defeat, and drama and that's exactly what he got from the clay-court action in Paris. "I've seen more of that watching the French Open than an entire season of the Kardashians," Dorenbos said jokingly.

Although Stefanos Tsitsipas or the "Greek Freak," as Dorenbos calls him, didn't lift up his first major trophy on the terre battue as Dorenbos expected, it was still an exciting journey.


"Nadal congratulations, even though you weren't my first pick, you're a total rockstar," Dorenbos said. "Tsitsipas I had you all the way and I don't know if you can hear, but my baby is screaming right now."

Before signing off from his analyst duties, Dorenbos casually flashed a couple of magic tricks and gave some words of advice to the 22-year-old Greek player.

"Enjoy your youth, enjoy your prime, because pretty soon you're going to be a 40-year-old retired athlete with a dad bod. Think about that," Dorenbos said.