The jury's still out as to how the 2021 tennis season—and the year overall—will play out, but we have an early triumph in the on-court styles rocked by one Ariel Behar, the ATP's No. 67–ranked doubles player.

From the brand LALÁ Sportswear, created by Behar's wife Sabrina Sielecki, the looks include a full-back unicorn design, a pectoral-flattering jellyfish pattern, and more fanciful fashions.


His own tour is in on the quasi-trending style statements:

Not to over speak or anything, but outside of actual stats and outcomes, this may go down as one of the most fabulous moments on the tours in this fresh young year. We're all cautiously optimistic.


In practice, the 31-year-old Uruguayan sported a relatively demure T-shirt, with a (neon? glow-in-the-dark?) bear emblazoned on his chest.

LALÁ Sportswear finds itself currently sold out of the shirts, though word is more are on the way. Included to date: gray snakes, llamas, pineapples, stars, hearts, thunderbolts, and an awkwardly named "Ethnic" shirt. This tennis/fashion scribe's favorite: the pixelated, shirt-plus-shorts look.

Whether the creatures depicted in their products are fantastical or real, demand still begets supply.