What are some of the most common quirks for tennis players? Felix Auger-Aliassime, Alex de Minaur, Grigor Dimitrov, Sebastian Korda and Andrey Rublev have tapped in to tell the world for the latest entry to the viral "of course" trend that's sweeping the internet.

The premise of the "of course" trend is simple, with social media users filling in the blanks of the following sentence on camera: "I'm a BLANK, of course I BLANK." It usually involves the subjects good-naturedly mocking some commonly-held stereotypes of their professions or identities.

Since it first went viral on TikTok, diverse audiences has made the trend their own, from teachers, police officers and doctors, to corporate brands. Even celebrities have joined in, with Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey topping the list.

Now, the ATP Tour's stars can say they did it too, in the latest viral video to come out of this week's  ABN AMRO Open.

"I'm a tennis player," de Minaur begins, "of course, every time I crack open a new can of balls, gotta smell them." (Bonus points to 'The Demon' for smelling an imaginary ball can as he did it.)


The majority of the five understood the assignment (even if, as Thanasi Kokkinakis joked in the comments, they took the challenge with varying degrees of enthusiam). But it wouldn't be a piece of ATP content if Rublev didn't spawn a meme of out a meme. In his segment, the World No. 5 wearily rattled off all his day-to-day responsibilities—much to fans' amusement.

"I'm a tennis player," he says, "of course I I have to stay in different hotels every week, wake up every day to go to practice, play matches, to do media, to do TikToks, and all these kind of things for you."

("Petition to rescue Rublev from doing TikToks," one fan wrote in the comments. "He's so done.")

But the qintent weren't the only ones to try the trend this week. Australian Open champion Jannik Sinner also starred in one, where he joked about all the things he did in the aftermath of his historic Melbourne victory in January, which included celebrating with a "big hamburger."

"I'm a Grand Slam champion," he adds, "of course I took the trophy to the Colosseum."