It's the second week of the Australian Open and although spectacular headlines are being made in Melbourne, an absent Novak Djokovic remains the hottest topic associated with the sport. The Serbian's deportation story has officially made it to American late-night TV show, Saturday Night Live.

Comedian Kate McKinnon played conservative TV host Laura Ingraham on her version of the Ingraham Angle and welcomed Pete Davidson's Djokovic to the show on the latest episode. The short segment began with McKinnon stating she never thought she would "use the word deported in a bad way." She continued by asking Davidson the reason for his deportation.

"I went to Australia and my visa was denied, but then I appealed to the judge and this was his ruling..." Davidson said before a fake Hawkeye "close call" clip showed an "out" ball.

Davidson continued to make light of Djokovic's predicament:

"People love to tear you off your pedestal just because you're really rich or you're the best at tennis or you go to a charity event with 200 kids even though you're dripping with COVID. But in my heart I know that one day people will look back on this moment in history and think who cares!"


McKinnon closed the conversation by thanking the world No.1 for stopping by and said "see you at Wimbledon." To which Davidson replied, "probably not" with a smile on his face. One thing tennis fans probably didn't see coming in 2022 was the 20-time Grand Slam champion becoming a hot topic on SNL. A surprise to say the least, but McKinnon and Davidson provided some much needed laughter around the rollercoaster situation.

Djokovic is back home in Serbia and taking the time to rest and recover. He was spotted at Durmitor National Park this weekend with his family.

"I respect the Court’s ruling and I will cooperate with the relevant authorities in relation to my departure from the country. I will now be taking some time to rest and to recuperate, before making any further comments beyond this,” Djokovic told press before returning to Serbia.