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Marvel who? The Tennis Channel (Cinematic) Universe has officially entered the chat.

Here's an inside look into the Top 10—Avengers style.

1. Frances Tiafoe as Captain America

A rising star on tour, Tiafoe has officially captured the world's attention. His emotional transparency after losing the 2022 US Open semifinals revealed a competitor playing with an incredible heart. He leaves it all on the court, both against opponents and for those watching him play. Off the court he is respected and adored.

Tiafoe is a special role model for the sport, and for that he has a special place in the TCU.

2. Marton Fucsovics as The Incredible Hulk

This Hungarian hero gives every player in the TCU a run for their money. He’s running down every ball, hitting shots from all over the court and generating wicked pace when least expected. Not to mention that he’s from Hungary (cough cough, nudge nudge) the “H” is for Hulk.

Stepping onto the court, Fucsovics proves that the Hulk within isn’t messing around.


3. Novak Djokovic as Iron Man

One word: Unbreakable.

The broken records, the unparalleled seasons, the raw talent—it’s all right there. And something tells me he isn’t going anywhere.

From his consistency during high stakes rallies to his offensive game that grew confidence over time, Djokovic’s armor evolved over time as he matured and experienced all that tennis would let him. Un-freaking-breakable.

4. Maria Sakkari as Black Widow

Sakkari has this ability to compete under the radar while also being a fan favorite at Grand Slams. Her athletic ability is her most obvious asset, but there is so much more. She takes no prisoners, demolishing competitors left and right, battling to the very last point. She is ruthless and agile, and on occasion venomous—and boy, are those special occasions.

When Sakkari enters the court, there’s no telling what will go down.

Aryna Sabalenka, our "Scarlet Witch", lifting the 2023 Australian Open trophy.

Aryna Sabalenka, our "Scarlet Witch", lifting the 2023 Australian Open trophy.


5. Aryna Sabalenka as Scarlet Witch

Since her introduction in the MCU, the Scarlet Witch has faced heartbreaking loses and antagonists unlike any other. Every time she steps back onto the scene, she is stronger and better prepared to face adversity.

Now with a few minor adjustments:

Since her introduction in the TCU, Sabalenka has faced heartbreaking loses and setbacks unlike any other, but every time she steps back onto the court stronger and better prepared to face the competition.

Sabalenka is figuring out that her greatest strength is herself.

6. Matteo Berrettini as Thor

There’s something about an Italian man sitting during a changeover holding Mjölnir that just makes sense. His love of family—poignantly captured on Netflix’s Break Point—is the foundation of who he is and what he fights for.

Where all things love and thunder are considered, this God is undoubtedly one to watch.

7. Ben Shelton as Spiderman

New to the scene, this TCU competitor is making waves—or better yet, webs. Just as Spiderman’s youth keeps the MCU fresh, Shelton keeps his opponents on their toes. That bright smile shines on, but there is no mistaking it for innocence.

Under the friendly exterior is a powerful, strategic player that fights for what he wants. His arsenal is expanding, from his mental strength to his physicality to his emotional maturity. With all of this at the ready, it’s strange to think that he probably still lives at home.


Jessica Pegula—or should we say, "Captain Marvel"—helped lead Team USA to victory at this year's United Cup.

Jessica Pegula—or should we say, "Captain Marvel"—helped lead Team USA to victory at this year's United Cup.

8. Jessica Pegula as Captain Marvel

Pegula is fierce. Her skills are well-rounded, and there is no denying her love for the game. A powerful player, let alone woman, who has graced the TCU with her resilience and strength of character.

9. Stefanos Tsitsipas as Loki

Behind the golden locks lies a mastermind for the ages. That mind of his is constantly turning, looking for strategic moves to make to further himself and knock out the competition.


10. Coco Gauff as Black Panther

Stealth. Agility. Grace. Gauff was the Black Panther before she knew she could be.

Turning pro at 14 years old is already an immense ask for any athlete, especially in such an individual sport, but the world quickly learned that her talent was undeniable. With all eyes on her, she proved time and time again that she could compete with and even take down the best players in the world.

This teenager was a force to be reckoned with, and now with several standout pro seasons under her belt, this hero is as powerful as ever.