What's better than breadsticks in tennis? Bagels of course!

New York based racquet grip company knows a thing or two about the joy of what the doughnut-shaped roll can bring both literally and figuratively speaking. The company entered the tennis scene during a rough period for not only the sport but the world in 2020. However, the original "everything" overgrips provided mouth-watering happiness for players of all levels during the tough year.

Now the brand has taken it a step further by adding fillings to go with those bagels.

Customers can now grab a "performance 3-pack" which includes the standard everything bagel and the choice between three all-new fillings. Say hello to "Cream Cheese," "Lox," and "Egg." The sesame and poppy seeds, garlic and onion flavored-bagels just got a little bit tastier.

"We believe that bagels should be embraced, both spiritually and physically, by the hands of the amateur and professional players alike," Bageled NYC states on its website.

The company also allows all users to search players and see the current standings on who is serving up the most bagels on their website. As if the tacky-feel overgrips weren't motivation enough.