Barcelona Open Desserts 2

BARCELONA—At the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, patrons can locate customary food options on the grounds. Pizza, burgers, sandwiches, salads and some good ol’ drafts of cerveza are among the options along the main pathway serving as the entrance and exit of the ATP 500 event.

But for those with a desire for dessert, this tournament is calling your name. Off one corner of Pista Jan Kodes lies a sweet tooth holder’s paradise.

In the mood for creamy, rich ice cream? Thanks to savvy franchise owner Paola, Guapaletas covers that craving after debuting on site this week with its elevated offerings. Produced without preservatives, this brand’s upscale ice cream bars please a plethora of palettes.

When approaching Paola for some background information, she wanted the product to speak for itself.

“Try one, please,” she encouraged. How could I say no?

“OK, give me your best seller,” I said, more than happy to play along.

When she's not running a mobile operation at family-friendly events, Paola's main business is a storefront in Barcelona's city center.

When she's not running a mobile operation at family-friendly events, Paola's main business is a storefront in Barcelona's city center. 


With options such as dulce de leche with chocolate, horchata and mango available, the presented flavor was a surprise: Oreo. Diving into its silky texture packed with a punch of the trademark cookie, I watched as her next two customers ordered. Oreo, for both.

“See?” she said with a smile.

While I downed the addictive treat, multi-fruit and strawberry joined the ranks of the frequently ordered. Across the footpath, fans looking for a fruit alternative ordered 100 percent natural smoothies from Sücs, a vendor running four blenders at a time. Adults seeking a special upgrade could add vodka, gin, Spanish rum or whisky to their mixed beverage.

A few steps to the right, fans hovered around a cart full of decadent creations. Cupcakes, donuts, layered cakes, muffins, loaf cakes, tartlets, cheesecakes and cookies were all on display. With everything under 5 Euros, how to choose and how to not lose control soon became questions of consideration.

In its eighth year on location at the Real Club de Tenis -1899, Buvette was a clear crowd pleaser. Informed that the layered cakes were all popular go-tos, along with lemon and carrot loaf cakes, it only seemed appropriate to pay homage to the active champion with a stadium court in his name by ordering a slice of Nutella cake.

Lined with a balanced amount of filling, the moist red velvet batter hit the spot. Having only been served aces thus far, who could fault me for grabbing something to go?

Selecting a chocolate muffin topped with an array of nuts, I later discovered a caramel center surprise. Game, set, match, Barcelona Open desserts. Too good!