Baylor University's men's basketball head coach, Scott Drew, is fresh off completing one of the greatest program reinventions in men's college basketball history. On Monday night, the Baylor Bears captured their first national championship with a razing 86-70 score against the top seed Gonzaga Bulldogs.

No one could beat the Bulldogs this season, but Baylor wreaked havoc on their otherwise 31-0 spotless season. It wasn't always about basketball for coach Drew, a Kansas City native. He competed for Valparaiso's High School tennis team in 1988.


Having come from a prolific basketball family, Drew always had the focus and determination to succeed. His sister Dana is an Indiana basketball Hall of Famer, his brother Bryce is the current coach at Grand Canyon University and you can't forget his father Homer, who is a college basketball Hall of Fame coach.

Basketball was undoubtedly in his blood, but growing up he realized that playing the sport would likely not go beyond high school. So, he switched to the tennis court for a very brief moment.

“I was five-foot-two my sophomore year, and tennis was the best chance I had at that point,” Drew told Baylor Magazine this year. “I was a really late grower. I grew up playing basketball, football, baseball — every sport. But some of my family members are late growers, and I was one of them.”

Whether it was on the basketball or the tennis court, Coach Drew was born to make a whole lot of racket.