There’s no homecoming like an Olympic homecoming. The combination of pride, admiration, and excitement that envelopes the athletes as they emerge at their home airport is almost as emotional as the Olympic experience itself. Couple this with the fact that the Tokyo Olympics didn’t allow fans and or family members to attend, and you’ve got quite the celebration.

And that’s exactly what the Swiss Miss was met with as she returned home.

In a video posted by IMG Tennis, Team Switzerland was welcomed back by an enormous crowd of fans and friends at the Zurich Airport. Flags were waved and congratulatory signs were held high as the Swiss athletes paraded past, wearing matching uniforms decorated by their medals. They finally made their way to a podium to pose proudly for the cameras.

Team Switzerland took home 12 medals in total; three gold, four silver, and five bronze. Belinda Bencic was a major contributor, collecting the gold in women’s singles and the silver in women’s doubles. The accomplishment electrified her home country, as it hasn’t been done even by her more established compatriots like Roger Federer or Martina Hingis. In fact, the last time Olympic gold had been won in a singles event was in 1992 when Marc Rosset achieved the feat.

Bencic’s performance will not likely be forgotten anytime soon, and the 24-year-old will go down in the record books as one of the best athletes to ever represent the country. But Switzerland’s golden girl isn’t even close to finished; she’ll be back in action in no time, playing the National Bank Open come next week.