The best kept secret is finally out.

After drawing back the curtain on the most intricate reality show on Earth, the stars behind the ATP Tour’s 52nd season have come out to play on social media, debuting Instagram accounts on Wednesday.


Meet the cast of “ATP Tour, Season 52:”

Bert Critchley as Novak Djokovic (as Bert Critchley)

“I want to bring truth to Novak: what is he thinking, what is he feeling? What would motivate him if he was a real person?”


Sir Fraser McKnight as Sir Andy Murray (as Sir Fraser McKnight)

“Let’s face it: people are stupid. So, they’ll buy anything.”

Peter Arthur as Gaël Monfils (as Peter Arthur)

“I have to practice hard to move because in life, I have no coordination!”


Thomas Johnson as Casper Ruud (as Thomas Johnson)

“The level of detail in this show is just incredible.”


Richard “Slicey” Roberts as Grigor Dimitrov (as Richard “Slicey” Roberts)

“All about the vibes, and keeping it slicey.”

Despite the reveal—or perhaps because of it—the 52nd season of the ATP Tour is shaping up to be its most compelling yet.