Each week we'll be highlighting some of the most hilarious, uplifting, and overall best Tweets on the so called "Tennis Twitter." Welcome to the Best Tweets of the Week, Servebot Edition.


1. Define servebot?

There’s no question Reilly Opelka won the week with both his play on the court and his humorous embrace of the “Servebot” term. All seven feet of Opelka are leaning into this moniker. The American remains one of the funniest players on tour.

2. Daniil Medvedev reacts to hinderance call

Much has been made of Medvedev’s reaction to the hindrance call in his match against Alexander Bublik. Some are offended, some think it’s funny, but like so many things, it is a combination of both. After the chair umpire’s strict, by the book hindrance call, both Bublik and Medvedev certainly could have been kinder to the umpire. But Medvedev was certainly right about one thing.


3. Tennis isn't dangerous or is it?

For the most part, tennis is not a dangerous sport. Getting hit by the fuzzy yellow ball can hurt, but permanent damage is extremely rare. That said, there are three places you don’t want to get hit. First is the nether region for men. Second is the eyeball, and third is the ear. This clean overhead into Rohan Bopanna’s ear must have hurt like crazy.