Good news for tennis fans and avid readers alike; Billie Jean King’s autobiography is officially out and based on the rave reviews she’s gotten so far, it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

In "All In," King is generous enough to share one of the most incredible stories in sports with the world. She covers the success and struggles of her tennis career, her steadfastness when it comes to social justice and activism, and the unbelievable trials and tribulations she faced in her personal life.

King is now well-known and celebrated for being a trailblazer and feminist, but none of it came easy. Lucky for readers, the former world No. 1 even provides insights in her new book on topics ranging from leadership to love. Name someone you’d rather get life advice from; we’ll wait.


"All In" only launched yesterday, but the wave of praise and support King has received is overwhelming and entirely deserved. Fellow tennis great Serena Williams described it as “a story about the personal strength, immense growth, and undeniable greatness of one woman who fearlessly stood up to a culture trying to break her down.” As a woman in the same sport who has faced countless challenges of her own, Williams’ words carry a great weight.

Even those who don’t have the sports aspect in common have found inspiration in King’s words. Take Elton John, for example. In a Twitter video posted by King, the legendary musician sings (no pun intended) his praises for his friend.

“This is a wonderful book by one of my dearest friends of all time, Billie Jean King…Please read it, and you will be entertained from start to finish. This is a woman you don’t want to mess with.”

He’s not wrong there. King was a force to be reckoned with on the court, and she remains one off the court as well. "All In" has already been featured on multiple billboards in Times Square and chosen as one of Amazon Editors’ Best Books of August. Thanks to her grit and fighting spirit, King finds success in almost every area of life she looks for it. Currently, it’s writing autobiographies.