Borna Coric wasn't actually the correct answer on a European game show, but he came correct with his response on social media.

The question was, "Which 17-year-old won Wimbledon back in 1985?" A young contestant, unsure of the answer, sheepishly delivered the name of the ATP's No. 1 Croatian player: "Borna Coric."

A bit of a pity for that person, as the truth is Coric got born 11-plus years later in 1996. Regardless, roll footage:


Take it from one who watched the Back to the Future film trilogy in COVID-19–induced quarantine: It's hilarious that Coric shared not just this winking reference but a rather well done video.

The 25th-ranked ATP star will compete in the Australian Open where, despite a few first-round losses in recent years, he made the 2019 fourth round.