Alexander "Sasha" Bublik proved himself comfortable with both microphone and tennis racquet after a stellar week at the Miami Open. The Russian-born Kazakh earned a career-best run at the Masters 1000 event, reaching the quarterfinals before bowing out to Jannik Sinner of Italy.

Bublik gave big ups to the Italian teenager at the net and later on in his post-match press conference.

"I asked him if he's a human or not, because for me, it's very surprising that a guy at his age has this mental toughness that many, many other players don't have. I called him a robot couple of times during the match, but I do it in a very sincere way because he's really, really a great player."

Tentatively set to rise to a career-high ranking of No. 42 next week, the 23-year-old led Sinner by breaks in both sets—and served for the first—only to fall, 7-6 (5), 6-4.


"I was very surprised that again, I played him in a very crucial moment in the tiebreak, he developed some incredible shots and pulled off some incredible two shots when it was 5-4. Every time when I had a big point, either I need to go super crazy like I was doing it with the forehand and just, a shot that goes in with 5% chance, or he's playing, like, really unbelievable."

The respect appeared mutual as Sinner complimented his rival after the match, but Bublik was far more deferential.

"He asked me if I'm a human. Of course I am. I make double faults when I'm break point down because I get a little bit tight!"

Unencumbered by the defeat and known for his off-the-cuff sense of humor, Bublik spoke at length about the proposed Professional Tennis Players Association, or PTPA, an organization spearheaded by world No. 1 Novak Djokovic and Canada's Vasek Pospisil.

"Well, I only saw the video when Vasek tried to sue ATP or whatever he was saying. I don't know.

"I'm not with this PTPA or whatever it calls. Definitely not a single organization is perfect. I mean, for me of course, I mean, we could do better, but at the end of a day, ATP providing us, I can't really say much because I'm not with Novak and I'm not 100% with ATP.

"I'm just trying to make my living here, and just if I go into this, imagine this talking, because I have been, when this PTPA started, I have been to this group and so much talks. They try to do so much things but nothing is going to be done. You know that."


Pospisil suggested during his outburst that an argument had occurred between himself and ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi, but Bublik noted he had yet to see concrete plans on the part of the PTPA.

"Basically it's all about talking at the moment. I haven't seen anything that happens, really...but for me, I don't like to put another pressure on myself, other thoughts, thinking, going, we ban this tournament or don't go there. No.

"I just want to play tennis. I enjoy my life. I enjoy what I make. Of course if Novak make me earn more, I'll say thank you. But I won't fight for it, because if they want to fight, they fight. It's cool."

"I'm more on ATP side because at least we are playing now, and sometimes they do a good job, sometimes they do a bad job. But it's not about ATP as in general, as tour managers, because I never talk to someone like Gaudenzi. I'm not sure if he decides everything alone, in my opinion. You know, he can't make it, 'Okay, this guy, this tournament we make 15 million prize money or this tournament.'

"Of course we are not hockey or we're not football. But at the end of the day, ATP feeds us, and I don't want to go against it because I don't see anything that Novak or Vasek can really sue them for and really win something. That's my opinion."

The more he plays as he did in Miami, the more opinions we can expect to hear.