Black or blue? Yanny or Laurel?

And now, toupée or filter?

Earlier this week in Manacor, Rafael Nadal was on hand to present a new docuseries and podcast about the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar. The 20-time major champion previously uploaded a photo of himself on crutches last weekend, but his latest public appearance was hair-raising for an entirely different reason.


When photos began circulating of the 35-year-old congratulating academy student Daniel Rincón on capturing the US Open boys’ title, Nadal’s hair appeared to have two distinct shades going on.

Naturally, heaps of Twitter users wondered what brought on the new look. From a poorly-colored wig and getting highlights done, to the filter used on the images and basking in the sun, several theories were put forth.

Given Nadal won’t play again this season, don’t count on hearing directly from the source anytime soon regarding the matter. For now, it’s up to the viewer to decide for themselves. Ready, play.