International Tennis Hall of Famer Chris Evert may be battling stage 1C ovarian cancer. And she may be undergoing multiple rounds of chemotherapy.

But that isn't stopping this firecracker of a champion from using her voice to advocate for others.

On Monday, the 18-time major singles winner once again hit home the importance of medical checkups in a video update.

“Go get checked, guys. Honor the appointments that you have medically, once a year, twice a year, for every checkup that you need to have,” she asserted.

“Be proactive, it may save your life. I’m just going to keep bugging you all for doing that.”

Evert praised the care of her nurse, Gladys, before providing the latest on her treatment timeline.

“My third week, my white blood count was too low, so I had to wait a week,” she revealed. “I’m good to go again, I’m on my fourth.

“Two more to go.”

At her insistence, husband Andy made a cameo as well. Evert referenced his YETI hat before stating, “he’s been a great, loyal caregiver. I love him to death.”

The 67-year-old, who has been keeping up with Indian Wells and Miami, thanked everyone for the support sent her way. If anything, we should be the ones thanking Evert for expending her energy on bugging us.

Keep doing you, Chrissie.

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