It's the women's turn this weekend in West Palm Beach, Fla. for the second UTR Pro Match Series tournament. Alison Riske, Danielle Collins, Amanda Anisimova and Ajla Tomljanovic will battle across three days for UTR (Universal Tennis Rating) points and prize money.


Leading up to the Friday start, the quartet took part in a Zoom press conference with Tennis Channel's Steve Weissman and UTR's Stephen Amritraj (who happens to be Riske's husband). The group talked home gyms, lockdown challenges, their match expectations and what their new normal looks like.

Cooking skills this quarantine season have been dramatically tested, along with everyone's patience and creativity. Collins, Riske and Tomjlanovic have all been spending more time in the kitchen.

"I didn’t really know how to cook before this," Collins said. "I did a lot of UberEats and takeout. I learned how to cook a filet, how to do a bunch of Italian dishes, learned how to cook Indian—which was amazing because usually I go out for Indian at least two times a week.

"I made an amazing gluten-free bread pudding the other night. This bread pudding was pretty bomb, I must say."


Riske is very familiar with Indian cuisine, but not so comfortable with Italian—at least when it comes to making it.

"I tried to make gnocchi the other night, that didn’t turn out great," the world No. 19 said. "We kind of threw it in the trash."

Tomjlanovic has had to reign in her baking.

"In the beginning, we were doing a lot of bakeoffs," the Australian said. "That wasn’t a good idea, because we weren’t really training much and then we didn’t like how we were feeling. Now, we all kind of figured who’s good at pasta, who’s good at baking, steaks. So we all kind of have our things to do."


She's been training at the Evert Academy in Boca Raton, Fla. with her boyfriend, world No. 8 Matteo Berrettini.

It's not just cooking that's kept them all busy. Riske has been taking part in the Harvard Business School program and developing her passion for interior design, while Tomjlanovic has been learning Italian (Berrettini is from Rome).

The four WTA stars will get to brush up on their tennis skills starting on Friday at 12 p.m. EST. All matches will be televised on Tennis Channel.

Collins and Riske 
dish on their 
cooking skills

Collins and Riske dish on their cooking skills