Novak Djokovic’s Australian odyssey has taken over the country’s news cycle, leaving the world No. 1 an easy mark for satire as he languishes in an immigration detention hotel ahead of the scheduled appeal of his canceled visa on Monday.

Comedian/musician Tom Cardy took up the task with a so-called “love letter” to the nine-time Australian Open champion.

The ballad picks up steam when Cardy calls out Djokovic’s repeated skepticism of the COVID-19 vaccine, for which he sought—and was initially granted—a medical exemption in order to travel to Australia earlier his week.

“Stop being such a baby and please quietly leave Australia,” Cardy pleads while accompanying himself on keyboard and guitar.

Djokovic was ultimately detained at the Melbourne airport for 12 hours before his previously accepted visa had been canceled.

Cardy builds to a big finish when he suggests Djokovic could play his matches remotely, since “that would also reduce the amount of times you hit line judges in the throat with a ball,” a nod to his 2020 US Open default when the Serb errantly struck a ball in anger, hitting an official.