WATCH: Karolina Pliskova's WILD player party story on Confessional Cart


If you work hard, you can play hard. Karolina Pliskova seems to know all about that—and she revealed how in the latest episode of Confessional Cart.

After skipping a few spicy cards, she wasn’t hesitant in sharing whether or not she overthinks any part of her tennis game.

“I overthink everything about my game,” Pliskova said, laughing.

But although she may be hard on herself, the former world No. 1 also knows how to unwind.

“I used to party a lot,” the 30-year-old told Tennis Channel cameras. “But, now, since I’m married I don't party anymore... I think the Australian Open always had a great party.”

The Czech was game for almost every challenge, even though she also confessed her general lack of excitement towards interviews during our Confessional Cart. No hard feelings here—as one can imagine, she's done quite a few throughout her career.

“Why are you driving so slow?” Pliskova joked, as she anticipated the arrival back to the locker room.

Watch the full Confessional Cart episode (above) to find out Pliskova's first crush and the very relatable first thing she does when she arrives at hotel rooms.