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The tennis summer swing is in full force across all surfaces, and with the return to hard courts comes more of debates over lines and serves, questionable calls, and the perennial query: What does The Code say?

Court of Appeals is here to clear the air. Rebel Good, a past editor of Friend at Court, the USTA’s handbook of rules and regulations, has taught officiating for more than 30 years and will resolve all your rules questions and quarrels.

Double Bounce

My opponent hit a volley for a clear winner. However, her racquet came flying over the net with the ball. I was watching the ball, so I didn’t see exactly when the racquet landed on our court. After a short discussion, she conceded the point. However, I probably could have been convinced to replay the point, since she hit a winner. What was the right thing to do?—Tina Colbert, Cape Coral, Fla.

The right thing is to ask your opponent what she saw. Under Rule 24.g., she loses the point if her racquet touched your court before the ball went out of play (in this case, bounced a second time). In an unofficiated match, this call should be made by the player whose racquet touched the court (The Code, #19). If your opponent is unsure of the timing, she should concede the point. Whatever you do, don’t play a let.

—Rebel Good

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